The opportunity to study an academic year or semester in Spain, choosing between boarding schools and host family accomodations.

Programs to study a school year or semester in Spain: Public and Private High Schools

Our partnerships with outstanding public and private schools in Spain allow us to offer students from around the world the incredible benefits of an academic year abroad!

Own Your Future!

Academic year or semester in Spanish High Schools

  • Grades: 9th – 12th
  • Duration of the program:
    • 10 month Program (September – June)
    • 4 month Fall Semester (September – December)
    • 6 month Spring Semester (January – June)
  • Accomodation:
    • Boarding options in different locations in Spain
    • Homestay options in Seville


Recommended for students with an outgoing personality, capacity to adapt and motivation to face their independence with positivity and maturity.


Level of Spanish: recommended 2 years of study

Enrollment deadline: Rolling admissions


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School options

We work with first-rate, public and private schools that stand out for offering excellent academic preparation at a pre-university level, in a familiar and friendly atmosfere. Schools are meticulously chosen according to the academic and personal needs of each student.


In prime locations all over the country:

  • Private British boarding schools in locations


In Seville, one of the most beautiful and friendly
regions in Andalusia!

  • Private British schools with host family and boarding
  • Private Bilingual Spanish-English schools with host
  • Spanish semi-private Catholic and secular schools with
    host family
  • Public schools with host family


Our selection of schools offer a comprehensive academic program with a balanced combination between science and arts, creativity, physical and social education. Students acquire abilities and knowledge based on a focused study of core subjects such as Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry, Biology, History, Literature, Social Sciences, English, Spanish, technology.


Depending on the chosen school, between 50% and 100% of the classes are taught in Spanish. This, together with the full immersion in the Spanish culture and way of life, allows foreign students to benefit from a truly bilingual English-Spanish experience.


Academic excellence programs with international recognition are developed at many of our partnering schools, such as The International Baccalaureate Program and the 1:1 iPad Program sponsored by Apple.

Academic support classes

For those students with lower Spanish proficiency, we complement their school program with additional Spanish classes to help students reach the required level.


Furthermore, if the students require support in specific classes, we create customized tutoring programs to give the students the extra help they need.

Ambassador Program

There’s no better way for your child to enrich his or her Spanish than spending time with a native student. For our academic semester and full year students, Hola Spain offers an Ambassador Program in which the study abroad student is assigned a Spanish peer who speaks English and who will help your child to adjust to the new environment during the first weeks.


Most of these Spanish “buddies” have previously been an exchange student themselves in the US, England or Ireland. They have a perfect understanding of the cultural differences, they have also been through the challenges of studying abroad and therefore are a wonderful support for your child.

Sports, activities and clubs

In addition to the compulsory subjects, students may complement their studies with extra-curricular activities according to their preferences (sports, dance, theatre,…).


The students will also have the chance to enjoy beautiful cultural and leisure activities, giving them the opportunity to grow in knowledge of European culture and traditions such as soccer, equestrian arts and flamenco dance, in addition to fun weekend plans visiting beautiful cities nearby.


Spain is a modern, vibrant and incredibly safe country where students can freely enjoy their time here and make the best of this study abroad experience!


The students on our academic year program may choose between boarding houses with fantastic facilities or selected Spanish host families. In case of choosing a native host family, in addition to learning Spanish the student will learn firsthand about their culture. They are carefully selected families with good living standards who are interested in cultural exchange, offering a “home away from home”. Students will have a great opportunity to improve their language skills by immersing themselves in a 100% Spanish environment. Homestays also allow them to experience native customs by the hand of locals, as well as traditional home-cooked meals and general daily life in Spain with a family.


Those who prefer to stay at a boarding house will benefit from a student environment in which fellowship, friendship, trust and honesty are inherent. In addition, the experience of living in a student residence demands a high degree of independence and responsibility, providing them with the ideal preparation for their adult life. They will have the opportunity not only to meet, but to live with students from different parts of the world.


The student residences at our boarding schools offer first-rate facilities which commonly include swimming pool, gym, library, study rooms, TV lounges, and fantastic outdoor sports areas. They are located in beautiful settings in vibrant cities, some of them just minutes away from the beach! A perfect place to feel home away from home. Students will enjoy programmes and activities in a homely environment which promotes unity and an understanding of cultural differences.

Supervision and Security

Safety for all our participants is our number one concern and although Spain is one of the safest countries in the world, our services ensure that our students
have the necessary assistance at all times.


Pre-arrival information: We provide the students extensive information about their program, their adaptacion process, cultural differences, and many other aspects to seek the best adjustment to their new environment.


Orientation meeting: Students receive an intensive orientation meeting upon their arrival to Spain, allowing them to ask all their questions and receive first-hand, practical information regarding all aspects of their program and get a better idea of what they are going to experience during their year abroad.


Local coordinator: Students are assigned an English speaking supervisor who will offer them all the necessary assistance and advice, with absolute availability, during their entire stay. They will monitor the students’ progess, offering the natural parents a report regularly in their native language.

Grade validations

Hola Spain works closely with the students’ hometown schools to assure that requirements are met for a correct grade validation, assisting them in their course selection and processing the necessary documents.

Visa attainment

Hola Spain assists the student in the procedures for visa acquisition, providing the required documents from Spain. Upon arrival, we accompany the student to the Ministry of Immigration where they receive their temporary student resident ID.



Creating opportunities

in every corner of the world

English and Spanish are the 2 most commonly spoken languages in the world.

  • Spanish is spoken by 500 million people with a growing trend that will reach 600 million speakers by 2050, making it an essential tool to understand and interact with the world.
  • It is the 2nd language used for international communications.
  • Spain is a top-ranking academic study abroad destination.


their personality

The skills obtained through studying abroad are among the most valued traits.

  • Cross-cultural experience, communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strategic international understanding, cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • Independence, maturity and flexibility
  • Teamwork and organizational skills
  • Adaptability and problem-solving skills

Taking the lead

on the future

We can no longer speak about Spanish as a future option, because it’s already

  • Job opportunities for Spanish speakers are constantly growing.
  • 14,5 million learners study Spanish as a foreign language, overtaking traditionally studied European languages such as French and German.


their employability

Studying abroad has a positive impact on your child’s future carreer goals and

  • It is an important factor for job placements within multinational companies.
  • It gives students additional qualifications that can improve their chances of landing a position, helping their application to stand out from the rest.
  • It changes and broaden their postcollege career goals.


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Public school + host family

Academic Year

$US 18,400


From $US 12,400

Private school + host family

Academic Year

From $US 22,600


From $US 16,600

Private school with IB program + host family

Academic Year

From $US 30,750


From $US 22,750

Boarding School

Academic Year

From $US 40,800


From $US 28,000

Application Deadline: March 1

We recommend...

Applying a minimum of 4 months in advance to acquire the visa, although we recommend 6 months


Visa application support

Consultation interview with program director

Admissions process and school enrollment

Pre-departure Orientation and in-country Orientation

Airport transfers and Meet & Greet by host family or local coordinator

Accomodation and full board with selected host family or at boarding school

Tuition and educational Expenses

Supervision and support from a local coordinator or residential director

Academic monitoring

Course validation support

Private medical health insuranse

24 hour emergency telephone contact

Not included: Airfare. Personal expenses. Trips or excursions offered by school, host family or Hola Universal Studies Abroad. School expenses such as uniforms, books, devices, cafeteria, sports and extracurricular activities, private Spanish classes or other tutoring services


Your study abroad program is just a few steps away! Count on us to guide you through the process.


1. Choose your program


Our Program Director interviews the student by Skype for a Q&A session. Once we have understood your goals, we will assess you in selecting the program that best fits your needs.


2. The admission process


Once you have booked your program and accommodation, we arrange your admission to the school: in this application process you will provide us with the required forms and supporting documents.


3. Visa application


Once your admission to the school has been confirmed, we will provide you with the necessary documents for your visa application.


4. Pre-departure arrangements


You will receive your accommodation details, your insurance and pre-departure orientation info. All you have to do now is book your flights… Your adventure is about to begin!



Contact us and let us answer all the questions you have about your study abroad program experience.

We will be happy to inform you, assist you and guide you throughout the process.