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Studies abroad in Spain



Academic Year – Semester

GRADES: 7th – 12th





Enjoy the opportunity to study an academic year or semester in outstanding semi-private and private schools in southern Spain, one of the most beautiful and friendly regions in the country!


Our partnering schools together with the full immersion in the Spanish culture and way of life, allow foreign students to benefit from a truly bilingual English-Spanish experience.


School options

Depending on the chosen school, between 50% and 100% of the classes are taught in Spanish. By offering different types of schools with varying degrees of classes in Spanish, we are able to cater to the academic and personal needs of each student:

• British schools with host family or boarding

• Bilingual Spanish-English schools with host family

• Spanish semi-private Catholic and secular schools with host family

Academic support classes

For those students with lower Spanish proficiency, we complement their school program with additional Spanish classes to help students reach the required level. Furthermore, we create customized tutoring programs for students who need support in specific classes.

Sports, activities and clubs

Students may complement their studies with extra-curricular activities according to their preferences (sports, dance, theatre,…).

We also have beautiful cultural programs on the weekend, giving them the opportunity to grow in knowledge of European culture and traditions such as soccer, equestrian arts and flamenco dance. Spain is a modern, vibrant and incredibly safe country where students can freely enjoy their time here and make the best of this study abroad experience!

Grade validations

Hola Spain works closely with the students’ hometown schools to assure that requirements are met for a correct grade validation, assisting them in their course selection and processing the necessary documents.

Visa attainment

Hola Spain assists the student in the procedures for visa acquisition, providing the required documents from Spain. Upon arrival, we accompany the student to the Ministry of Immigration where they receive their temporary student resident ID.


Our High School programs give you the opportunity to improve your Spanish in some of the most beautiful, friendly and safe cities in Europe. Picture-perfect places to study, live and discover a whole new world.

Seville Studies Abroad - Andalusia


Studies abroad in Andalusia - SpainLocated in the south,  Andalusia is always among the favourite regions in Spain for study abroad. Not only does it have amazing history and culture, great food, friendly people, and is one of the sunniest parts of Europe.


It offers just the perfect kind of atmosphere for students: unlike other popular destinations in big cities, Andalusia offers a slightly slower pace of life where it is easier to soak up the language, the culture and the sun! 


Andalusia is the largest region in Spain with a huge variety of cultures and customs, where the heritage of the ancient Christian, Jewish and Muslim cultures blends in with modern infrastructures. However, it’s also the region which best represents the typical traditions that are a must when coming to Spain: sun-kissed streets, flamenco, enjoying tapas outdoors, bullfighting, infinite beaches, and monuments that testify to adventures of centuries gone by.

Study in Spain central region


Studies abroad in Central Region - SpainThe central region of Spain is home to the country’s capital, Madrid, as well as other picturesque medieval cities. Many options which provide countless opportunities for cultural, educational and recreational enjoyment!

One of the most popular reasons for choosing this region is the specific accent of Spanish which is spoken in central Spain, called Castilian Spanish. It is considered the accent with the clearest pronunciation and therefore one which foreigners tend to find the easiest to understand.

Madrid offers a diverse and international environment, great weather, a buzzing outdoor lifestyle and is a cultural hot-spot. So if you are in to history, literature, art, theatre and cultural events, it may be the perfect place for you!

Just a short drive from Madrid, the central region of Spain also boasts beautiful smaller cities which stand out for their picturesque charm. Great walking cities where students will easily learn to get around, World Heritage sites that exude medieval heritage, vibrant and safe destinations which are ideal setting for young, study abroad students.

Study in Galicia


Studies abroad in Galicia - SpainGalicia is a coastal region located in northwestern Spain, with the perfect combination of beaches, forests and green wilderness, beach and vibrant city life. If you prefer cooler weather over the typical Spanish heat, this northern region might be an ideal destination for you.


Galicia gives students the chance to discover a part of Spain that is off the beaten path. With its strong Celtic connections, it boasts many charming cities which are small enough for the students to get around confidently and easily.


Its capital, Santiago de Compostela, was designated a World Heritage City by the UNESCO in 1993 because of the architectural value of its old city center. Although it is best known for being the final destination of world-famous pilgrimage route «el camino de Santiago» (Saint James’s Way), Santiago is also a lively university town (home to one of the best universities in Spain) with a bustling student vibe and high quality of life.


Your study abroad program is just a few steps away! Count on us to guide you through the process.


1. Choose your program


Our Program Director interviews the student by Skype for a Q&A session. Once we have understood your goals, we will assess you in selecting the program that best fits your needs.


2. The admission process


Once you have booked your program and accommodation, we arrange your admission to the school: in this application process you will provide us with the required forms and supporting documents.


3. Visa application


Once your admission to the school has been confirmed, we will provide you with the necessary documents for your visa application.


4. Pre-departure arrangements


You will receive your accommodation details, your insurance and pre-departure orientation info. All you have to do now is book your flights… Your adventure is about to begin!


Students may choose between boarding houses with fantastic facilities or selected Spanish host families.


In case of choosing a native host family, in addition to learning Spanish the student will learn firsthand about their culture. They are carefully selected families with good living standards who are interested in cultural exchange, offering a “home away from home”. Students will have a great opportunity to improve their language skills by immersing themselves in a 100% Spanish environment. Homestays also allow them to experience native customs by the hand of locals, as well as traditional home-cooked meals and general daily life in Spain with a family.


Those who prefer to stay at a boarding house will benefit from a student environment in which friendship, responsibility and independence are inherent, providing them with the ideal preparation for their adult life. The student residences at our boarding schools offer first-rate facilities which commonly include swimming pool, gym, library, study rooms, TV lounges, and fantastic outdoor sports areas. They are located in beautiful settings in vibrant cities, some of them just minutes away from the beach! A perfect place to feel home away from home. Students will enjoy programmes and activities in a homely environment which promotes unity and an understanding of cultural differences.



Our selection of schools offer a comprehensive academic program with a balanced combination between science and arts, creativity, physical and social education. Students acquire abilities and knowledge based on a focused study of core subjects such as Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry, Biology, History, Literature, Social Sciences, English, Spanish, technology.

Student support

Additional academic support can be arranged to ensure that international students keep up with their native peers through supplementary Spanish classes and private tutoring.

Ambassador Program

Our students are assigned Spanish peers who speak English, to help them adjust to the new environment during the first weeks, offering them wonderful support.

Academic excellence

We work with first-rate, private and semi-private bilingual schools that stand out for offering excellent academic preparation at a pre-university level, in a familiar and friendly atmosphere. Academic excellence programs with international recognition are developed at many of our partnering schools, such as The International Baccalaureate Program and the 1:1 iPad Program sponsored by Apple.

Extracurricular activities

Participating in extracurricular activities at school such as joining a sports team or taking dance lessons, is a great way of making new friends. All of our schools offer different activities to choose from, so why not take the opportunity to discover new hobbies!


  • Spanish level assessment
  • Tuition and school fees
  • Full board accommodation according to the chosen option (homestay or boarding)
  • Pre-arrival information and orientation meeting upon arrival
  • Arrival and departure airport transfers
  • Coordinator for assistance and supervision throughout the stay
  • Progress reports
  • Guidance for course selection to achieve validation of grades
  • Processing of the documentation required for validation
  • Visa processing
  • Health insurance and medical assistance for students coming from countries outside the EU (does not include co-payment for medical appointments).

Prices 2018/2019


School year + Homestay: from $US 20.650

School year + Boarding house: from $US 32.175

Semester + Homestay: from $US 15.400

Semester + Boarding house: from $US 23.800

Not included: Airline tickets and fees, travel and cancellation insurance, expenses derived from visa processing, personal expenses such as school supplies, lunchroom, uniforms, school trips, etc..


The prices and details of the programs are subject to change. The final price will be confirmed in the personalized quotation.

Students in Spain - High schools

Student profile

Recommended for students with an outgoing personality, capacity to adapt and motivation to face their independence with positivity and maturity.



Contact us and let us answer all the questions you have about your study abroad program experience.

We will be happy to inform you, assist you and guide you throughout the process.

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